Why women hate me

Because I tell the fucking truth baby! No, ok seriously, not all women hate me, some find me incredibly sexy and charming and want me as their special adult friend. Those girls are usually the ones who had a daddy that told them they wished they’d had a son.

If you want your daughter to become a stripper and date guys like me, ignore her like this guy is doing.

I’m not really a bad guy, but I like to pretend I’m one online. There is something so fun about writing farcical “how to” sex articles. The meaner the better and no class of people will be excluded. I’m a bastard to everyone.

You think my article on “How to bang a bible thumper” was evil, well just wait until I write my emo girl seduction techniques (sneak peak quote “Tell her you think that cutting makes her look older, just like her cigarettes”).

I tell the sex stuff that women want to keep private.

Sure every hot chicks farts smell like candy floss and bleeds strawberry ice cream once a month, or that’s what they’d like to to think. Sorry ladies, I’m ripping off the covers and taking away the black towel so that everyone can see the real pro’s and con’s of period sex.

Yes sexy ladies can sometimes have pussies that stink like the armpit stain off an NHL’s hokey jersey at the end of the season. So fucking what? At least I get my female blogger friends to give informational advice on how to prevent swamp crotch.

 At the end of the day, I’m just saying what most of you are thinking

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