Barf worthy XXX adult help

Sometimes you need a reminder of the vomit inducing world out there. Too often online all we see are hot chicks having a XXX adult time. Dude, that is not real life.

If you’ve been on a fifty two hour chicken choking binge online and you need to cool your dick off before you head over to your Grandmother’s for Saturday afternoon lunch, keep reading here. The other linked articles highlighted in purple are also good for a good kick in the balls.

Trust me, you’ll be happy to see your Grandmother and smell her moth ball stinking house after you spend a little time n this page.

You know what some people find attractive? This.

Other people think that whacking off in tube socks is going to get them far in life. Get real.

Too little body fat is NOT hot

Nope, not sexy. Sorry, if you like that, you are not into women.

 Sometimes trimming is nessersary

Seriously, we have a great article asking the question “will shaving your pussy get you more sex?“. We bet you can guess what the answer is.

People who think their tattoo is hot, but it’s not

Seriously, you know that girl thinks that she’s the shit now. But seriously? No, no she is not. Anyone who say’s she is needs to examine the lack of logo on her actual jeans. If you’re going to have an “apple bottom” ass tattoo, you’d better have the jeans biyatch!

 Ever heard a guy say he’ll eat pussy no matter what?


I’m pretty sure that person is lying. If your babe has a problem with the swamp crotch or ass, send her over to this article on how to prevent swamp crotch.

In theory this should be a winner but sadly it’s not

Nope, a steak vagina is just not a good idea. Steak is good, vagina is good, but together, they just look dry and unappealing. What that thing needs is some decent lube. If your adult friend has a case of the “dry as potato chips” pussy, send her a link to this article on lubes 101.

Whenever you need a reason to throw up in your mouth, or, simply need some XXX adult help that you can’t go to your friends about, come to XXX Adult Cupid.

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