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After years of the runway strips and buck naked Brazilian crotches, there is suddenly a small comeback for the wild bushes. What’s a hair sprouting gal to do? Lets take a look at your options.

So, last night my strip club V card was taken.  Yup, I was brought to girls strip joint for the very first time.  I don’t know exactly how the nights events brought me there but it definitely was not planned.  Nonetheless, there I sat doe eyed as girl after girl did a XXX dance before [...]

Confidence, confidence, confidence. Be confident in everything you do from work to play.  This is especially directed towards you ladies.  You seem always have a problem with confidence and being proud of what you are and what you have.  I have always found that girls are the worst when it comes to comparing themselves to [...]

So ladies, Welcome to the wonderful world of breasts.  Yes, your ladies, tatas, hooters, XXX fun bags, boobs, whatever.  There are a billion and one names for a woman’s breasts and a billion and one ways a girl can utilize them.  Boobs can almost hold an unspoken language of their own.  Depending on how you [...]

So, on our blog the whole “Jack Rabbit Syndrome” was discussed concerning a males sexual performance and comparing it to the speed of this long eared friend.  Now, this a legit complaint but lets balance out this animalistic set up to the opposite sex.  Yes ladies, I’m talking about you. Now as guys we love [...]

Sex Yourself Sex yourself?  What the fuck does that mean you ask?  If you don’t know, I feel very very sorry for you and I’m here to help.  To sex yourself is to double click the mouse, jerk off, take a stroll down cum city for one, basically MASTURBATE.  It’s ok you can say it. [...]

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Welcome to the one stop blog for sex advice, XXX topics that you can’t ask your doctor and how to become your own adult cupid. Anything that makes your knees quiver and pupils dilate can be found on our blogosphere. We’ll tell you how to match with your best vibrator and identify what sex position will get you and your partner to cry out the big O.

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