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17 Apr 2012

Horny dating

We have all heard of the old rule and standard that states that the third date is most likely the date when Sex will take place. There are those times unfortunately, that despite the good and valiant effort of three fine dates, that we may have to accept the fact that no hot sex is indeed coming our way, but rather we have reached the end of our dating endeavor with no prospect of nakedness in sight.

There are many signs, some subtle and some quite obvious, that the object of our affections is not interested in having sex with us. If we are out on that all important third date with someone and they keep visibly yawning and mentioning how terribly early that they have to get up in the morning, we can pretty much conclude with a good level of certainty that we will be spending the balance of the evening on our own. People that are attracted and horny tend to forget about being sleepy and opt for the sex; if they are tired they are not interested in getting it going with us.

If we are out with someone who very rarely, if ever, makes eye contact with us, it is a good bet that they are not very interested in us. When people are attracted to us they will tend to look right in our eyes, also they will tend to touch our arm, bump into us, or lean in towards us as we speak. If our date is looking all around the room, checking their smart phone every two minutes or so, and sitting facing away from us, we are probably not going to experience any of the various and sundry pleasures of the flesh with them.

In these situations it is best to cut our losses, quickly and politely end the evening, and try to hold on to at least a little self respect.

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