Nerds are sex gods?

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15 Nov 2011


Nerds have a reputation for being weak, annoying and perpetually single. They’re complex creatures, the runts of the litter, these squirmy weaklings often change into hard bodied hotties in their adult years.

Even if they never shed their glasses or snorts, they are usually surprisingly good lovers.

More and more I have become privy to the secret sex lives of nerds. You know what I’ve discovered? These dudes and dudettes are crazy creative at kink and all things sexual. Sure they have that annoying way of staring, unblinking at things.

Yeah, they are often lacking in social graces and will bring up inappropriate or just totally goddamned boring subjects. Social ineptitudes aside, most are highly intelligent and passionate learners on any subject that interests them. This includes sex.

Here are some reason why nerds make great adult friends.

1. They will always plan ahead. If you’re worried about not having any condoms, lube, plastic sheeting, sex toys or Mexican wrestler masks when you need them, don’t be. Nerds always come fully prepared.

2. If you want kink, they’ll give you kink. Nerds are seriously the kinkiest people out there. Think about it, they love technical things that require attention to detail and many steps. Japanese rope bondage anyone? Who’s going to find a sale of leather masks? The nerds.

3. They are more open to open relationships. One thing I’ve noticed when it comes to open relationships and that’s that the people involved are usually very cerebral and can intellectualize their jealous feeling away. Nerds do this best, plus they get that if things are open, more could be coming their way too.

4. They are patient. When you’ve spent your entire life waiting for the school, college, work bully to leave before you head for home, you learn to have patience. This is great in sex, no pressure to cum right away.

5. They are willing to try new things. Nerds don’t get far in life if they let themselves be controlled by fear. Most have accepted that the unknown is a good place to dance in. If you want to try anything that’s legal, chances are, they’ll be game.

6. Generosity is their middle name. When it comes to oral sex, nerds are the kings and queens of the crotch. They’re grateful for the sex and many have slight inferiority complexes which makes them only too willing to please for as long as it takes.

7. Nerds are kind people. If you’ve been kicked around like a dog, chances are, you’re going to have a lot more empathy for others. That includes lovers.

Nerds really are secret sex god’s and anyone who has dated one will most likely admit to it.

Sure some of their nerd qualities can be a little annoying at times but at least you can have an intelligent conversation while you’re having spectacular sex.



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