Will shaving your beaver get you more sex?

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31 Oct 2011

After years of the runway strips and buck naked Brazilian crotches, there is suddenly a small comeback for the wild bushes. What’s a hair sprouting gal to do? Lets take a look at your options.

Brazilian: Totally bare box

Pro for you: Heightened sensitivity. When you have no hair, you can feel every touch and lick that an adult friend gives you.

Con for you: The time of shaving it all yourself or cost of getting it all waxed. Another con is ingrown hairs in uncomfortable places (although this can be avoided by exfoliating a few hours before shaving and the days after).

Pro for your partner: Total access, both visual and physical to your pussy. No hairs to choke on, less places for unwanted odor to cling to.

Con your partner: Razor burn. Ever kiss a guy with fresh stubble? It might look sexy, but short stubble can be painful to rub up against with your mouth. Same goes with down there.

The landing strip: Leaving a little hair, to remind your adult friend that you are, in fact a grown woman.

Pro for you: Keeping things a bit more covered means a little less grooming time, plus it costs less at the salon.

Con for you: You can still get ingrown hairs, plus you have to get things even down there (nobody likes an off centered pussy mustache).

Pro for the partner: It’s a sexy look, grown up, while still having the bareness in the important access locations.

Con for the partner: A chance of razor burn.

Well trimmed bush: This is when things are trimmed everywhere, like a mowed lawn.

Pro for you: No razor, no ingrown hairs! The price of a bush trimming is the one time expense of buying either clippers or scissors.

Con for you: It does take a while to trim things down with scissors, if you use clippers it’s faster though.

Pro for the partner: The hair is all there, but it’s short so your bits are still easy to get at. Also there is no worry about the in between stages with all of the razor burn risks.

Con for the partner: There is a good layer of hair all over, so things aren’t seen as well plus there will be more feminine aroma down there.

Full bush: You are like the lawn on a foreclosed home, wild and unkempt.

Pro for you: You don’t have to do anything but shower. No shaving, no trimming, so it’s a major time saver.

Con for you: You have to accept the fact that there will be more hair to clean in the bathtub and you will have to wear booty shorts bathing suits to the beach.

Pro for the partner: If your lover like things “au natural” then this is the jackpot. Nothing is more wild and free than a untamed muff.

Con of the partner: It really is like trying to find a rip in a shag carpet. Some people like that, some don’t. The hair balls can get a bit much as well. It can be a little disconcerting brushing your teeth after sex and finding pubes in with your colgate.

Conclusion:  At the end of the day how you take care of your feminine fur is your call, as long as you’re a clean person, most dates won’t complain.

If you are looking to up your odds of getting oral, the two looks that keep most people coming back for more are the runway strip and the well trimmed bush. They both have the advantages of less work in grooming for you, while not creating choking hazards for that special XXX friend.


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