Lessons of a Stripper

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11 Oct 2011

So, last night my strip club V card was taken.  Yup, I was brought to girls strip joint for the very first time.  I don’t know exactly how the nights events brought me there but it definitely was not planned.  Nonetheless, there I sat doe eyed as girl after girl did a XXX dance before my very eyes.  I watched as guys sat back silently staring intently at all the strippers.  Some with beads of sweat on their foreheads, others licking their lips as they used all the their will power not to touch (for fear of broken thumbs from a number of nearby bouncers).

Although this amused me at best and repulsed me at worst, I did learn something from the nights events.  These girls, for the most part, were hot.  Now I realize some were coked out of their mind but a few actually possessed some mad skills.  I’m talking flexibility, rhythm, strength, and a hot body to match.

These are the girls that I think we could learn from.  I’m not saying drop out of school or quit your job to be a stripper.  What I’m trying to get at here is that these girls possess a certain quality that all women need.  Confidence.  We’ve talked about this before.  These women walk on stage dance and show all their goodies to a bunch of strangers nightly.  Talk about balls.

Let these traits work in your favor.  Go out and get a pole dancing or strip class lesson.  It’s actually the latest trend in exercise right now.  It will make you feel and look good.  You’ll also learn a couple of hot new moves to turn your current or future man on.  Trust me, I was blown away when I saw how the body could actually move.  Hell, even I was turned on for a bit there.

So, go ahead, and get some balls.  Better yet, in the words of Betty White – don’t get balls.  They are fragile and sensitive.  Get a vagina because that thing can take a beating!


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