How to prevent the dreaded “swamp crotch”

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17 Oct 2011

So you’ve been out all night dancing with your girlfriends, wearing your hot new leather pants and keeping an eye out for that special adult friend that you sometimes hook up with. You hit the bathroom and as you’re pulling down your sexy pants you’re greeted to a very unsexy smell.

Oh no! It’s the swamp crotch! How can you go home with a hottie when your vajayjay smells like a Louisiana locker room?

Here’s a few effective tips to preventing your lady bits from becoming inedible.

1. When it comes to keeping things fresh in your XXX region is your bathing routine. If I know I’m going to be seeing a guy later on in the evening I don’t just jump in the shower for a quick rinse off, I  pamper myself the tub and add a good about of epsom salts.

Unlike bubble bath which can irritate your lady bits, epsom salts will naturally clean you down there without ruining your ph levels. If you don’t have time for a bath, girlfriend, you’d better have a detachable shower head.

2. Grooming. Now hear me out. I know that there is nothing wrong with keeping things “natural” down there, but the truth is, the more hair, the more areas that bacteria can cling to and multiply.

You don’t have to be a Brazilian babe, you can have a runway big enough for a jumbo jet to land on. In the kissable areas though, it’s best to be trimmed as close to the skin as possible, preferably shaved or waxed.

3. Now that you’re washed and trimmed, it’s time to get dressed. Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you to bring out the cotton granny panties and long skirt.

You can wear a thong or french cut panties, but make sure they’re silk. Yep, that’s right, silk is just as natural a fiber as cotton and they actually work better at keeping a girl cool.

4. If all else fails and you’re worried about having a swimming pool in your leather pants, just toss a ziplocked unscented baby wipe in your bag with a spare pair of panties. Before hopping into bed with your new match, make a trip to the bathroom.

As a single woman, you should be able to wear what you want, when you want to, without ever having so sacrifice a night of sex.


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