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6 Oct 2011

Confidence, confidence, confidence.

Be confident in everything you do from work to play.  This is especially directed towards you ladies.  You seem always have a problem with confidence and being proud of what you are and what you have.  I have always found that girls are the worst when it comes to comparing themselves to other women and being jealous or envious.  Here’s a secret.  Chances are they are doing the exact same thing as you.  You may love her skinny body where she love you career, clothes, hair, whatever.  Be content in yourself.

This confidence in your everyday life should most definitely be taken into the XXX bedroom.  There is nothing sexier than a woman who feels good in her own skin and can enjoy herself as much as I do.  When we’re standing there with a naked women the last thing on our mind is cellulite, flabby skin or love handles.  You want to know what we’re really thinking?  It’s goes between a series of thoughts that all range around “I’m getting it in” and “I can’t believe she’s willing to fuck me and put my cock in her mouth”.  So you should have no fear that we’re judging you.

Have you ever been having sex with a guy and him walk out of the room because of the way you look?  Probably not.  That’s because he would be crazy to do so.  So match that outward confidence you may portray in your day to day life and bring it to the your free sex life.  When we see you not holding back it makes us even more hot and makes us feel that we can have as much fun with your body as we want because you’re comfortable.  It’s actually kind of awkward for us when you get self-conscious because we don’t know what we should or shouldn’t do.  We definitely don’t want to offend you and get you out of the mood heaven forbid!

So, do everyone involved a favor and fuck worry free.  Let your confidence be your XXX cupid and match your confidence to our want for you.


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