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27 Sep 2011

So, on our blog the whole “Jack Rabbit Syndrome” was discussed concerning a males sexual performance and comparing it to the speed of this long eared friend.  Now, this a legit complaint but lets balance out this animalistic set up to the opposite sex.  Yes ladies, I’m talking about you.

Now as guys we love when a girl gives us free sex in any shape, way or form but if you want to stand out for us as a XXX sex fiend do not be a “Wet Fish”.  Well the wet party is actual a good thing if you want to argue semantics with me right now but I’m focusing more on the aspect of what a wet fish does.  You may be thinking to yourself “well fish seem slippery and rather agile” etcetc.

You’re not wrong but I’m not referring to a fish in water.  I’m referring to a fish who has been beached on land.  Now that you have that visual fresh in your mind, what do you see?  You see a sad looking, lifeless, sponge that is drying up with every passing second.  You see a faint distant look in its eye as it doesn’t make a sound.  Hell, it could be dead you wouldn’t know.  Maybe once in a while you’ll see a random twitch if you look fast enough but that’s it.

Well this is what you look like when we’re having sex and you don’t move.  It doesn’t matter if we were the perfect match mentally all throughout the date but if your a wet fish in bed, chances are we’re not hanging around too long.  I’m not saying this to be a dick.  I’m saying this to help you as an adult friend.  It’s friendly advice.  But what guys like the most is to know that the girl is into them and into what we’re doing.  If you’re just lying there looking unimpressed and virtually dead it freaks us out and can send some of us into a panic mode.

So ladies, please.  If you’re feeling it then show us.  I’m not saying pretend.  If you’re not into having sex last any longer than it has to then I’m sorry.  But if you enjoy it then get in on it and move around, grab at us, scream out.  Anything.  Everything.

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