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29 Sep 2011

So ladies,

Welcome to the wonderful world of breasts.  Yes, your ladies, tatas, hooters, XXX fun bags, boobs, whatever.  There are a billion and one names for a woman’s breasts and a billion and one ways a girl can utilize them.  Boobs can almost hold an unspoken language of their own.  Depending on how you present your girls will dictate how you are taking by society through the unconscious cue being delivered to them.

For example,

  • display them for the world and their extended family at a work location will result in you not being taken seriously
  • have them cloistered up and bond shows you want to be seen as professional but could be uptight and a hard ass

Now this is just at work.  When you are in a business environment it’s always good to play a happy medium ground to more conservative.  By showing just a little cleavage, you can help sway people to your ideas and wants.  Women were blessed with these girls for a reason so you might as well use them to your benefit.

I feel when you are away from work all bets are off.  If you want to have a XXX show at the bar and pretty much bare all then go for it.  Just remember you match who you’re attracting.  So if  you want to party and display your girls like that, you are going to get a party man.
A word of advice for all times of day when dealing with your breasts – make sure you display them to the best of their potential.
  • have the right bra –> get fitted because you don’t want a cup too big with width too short or vice versa
  • get an underwire if you need
  • go braless sometimes if your girls are on the smaller side and wear a sexy backless number
  • don’t make them too perky –> this is more for the older ladies who have wrinkled skin.  It just looks odd
These are just some beginner pointers.  I always encourage all my readers to visit you’re local La Senza or Victoria Secret for a quick demo on how to find the perfect bra for every occasion.  Trust me, your adult friend will surely notice the difference in presentation after you do.

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