Masturbation – Why, When, and How Much

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23 Sep 2011

Sex Yourself

Sex yourself?  What the fuck does that mean you ask?  If you don’t know, I feel very very sorry for you and I’m here to help.  To sex yourself is to double click the mouse, jerk off, take a stroll down cum city for one, basically MASTURBATE.  It’s ok you can say it.  Almost everybody does it and if they don’t they are missing out.  Even if you get regular sex and it’s good hot fun, you should still try XXX touching yourself.  It’s a healthy way to bring a whole new level of satisfaction to your mind and body.  Studies prove that orgasming releases chemicals in the brain that up your mood.  And who knows how to make you feel good then yourself.

XXX Toys

So touching yourself is awesome.  I’m saying this from years of experience but you can take it further than just touching yourself with your hand.  There are thousands of XXX toys that can keep masturbating exciting and varied in your life.  If you take the time to look these toys are everywhere, even the grocery store.  Don’t believe me?  Take a look in the contraceptive section.  Mini vibrators can be found as a bonus to a box of condoms or lube!  It’s like getting your cracker jack prize in your cereal box.  WIN WIN!  For more variety of course, check out a sex shop.  You don’t have to feel timid while in there because everyone is looking for the same thing.  A way to get off.

Free Sex for One Please

I hate those people who say “ew” when talking about masturbation.  This is especially true in females.  Getting yourself to cum is like having free sex!  No strings, no drama, no buying dinner first and you know exactly how to do it.  If you want to add another level of excitement try touching yourself in front of your sex partner while they touch themselves and match the time that you both cum.  It makes the rush that much more thrilling.

Match with Your Wants

The most important thing to note about masturbation is human beings do it because it feels good and makes you happy and there’s no shame in that.  There is no exact number on what’s too much or too little as long as it doesn’t disrupt your day to day life.  Sometime’s I’ll do it in the morning as I’m waking up to give myself that jolt while other times I’ll take a mid day break to do it.  Cumming is not on a schedule so don’t ask it to be.  Like sex, it can be hottest when it’s spontaneous.


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