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22 Sep 2011

I’m sure everyone who has sex or at least of an appropriate age to have sex knows what lube is.  I’m not talking about the kind you put in your car to help grease up the engine (although greasing up an engine doesn’t sound like a bad idea either).  I’m talking about the kind you use to get you and adult friend or partner XXX ready.  That wet and wild feeling that ensures a long and full night of fucking.

I know I look at my lube as my mini XXX cupid that makes everything more pleasurable, including those lonely nights alone doing the knuckle shuffle.  But how much do you really know about lubricants?  I are an Einstein of everything there is to know from brands, types, and textures or do you just quickly grab any ol’ thing off the shelf and embarrassedly head to the self check out.  With lube there is nothing to be ashamed of because we all could use it at some point, if even just to help take that stick out of your ass to help you relax.

For those that are still a bit in the dark I’ve made a quick list of the basics behind lube to help you decide which ones would match your preferences.

They can come in different kinds from water based, to silicone based, to water based with glycerine, and also oil based.  I’ve found the most popular to be the silicone based lubricants.

Water Based Lubes – fun and easy to use but dry up quickly.  They work for any form of sex and protection but need to be reapplied often.

Silicone Based Lubes – are the latest and most popular lube and can be used for any type of sex and protection.  Smoother texture and do not need to be reapplied as often as water. (side note: don’t mix with silicone sex toys as it breaks down the material)

Water Based Lubes with Glycerine – are easy to clean up like its pure water form counterpart but last just a little bit longer.  This form however can sometimes cause some infection in the vagina (ie. yeast infection)

Oil Based Lubes – are supposed to be solely used for masturbation as it takes the vagina a long time to break down the oil and is not compatible with latex (causing it too break down condoms etc)

Feel free to experiment with colors, flavors and brands as there is many out there.  Fuck, you can even get lubes that have multi purposes and heat up (good for a pre-massage to get her in the mood).  Just make sure you read all the labels first before making your decision.  Like a contract, there can sometimes be fine print.

Now, I’m not medical doctor but these are the basics I’ve come across in my time.  Should you have any questions that are more detailed you can always contact the company or your doctor.

Happy Humping!


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