J.R.S. – Jack Rabbit Syndrome

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20 Sep 2011


As a girl I can honestly say there is nothing worse than a J.R.S. which is the dreaded Jack Rabbit Syndrome.

This is when you have a guy that will literally fuck your brains out so hard and fast it’s like a jack rabbit running into you and the next thing you know it’s over.  I mean, it’s one thing to have a quickie and be in the moment but it’s a completely different story to be railed like you’re about to disappear before their eyes at any second.  This is especially disturbing to a girl when it is the first time she has had sex with you.

In her mind she’s thinking, “oh this is going to be hot” as you start have some XXX fun but once you pull out the J.R.S. 99% of them will change that thought to a “Goddamn it”.  It’s almost like a sneak attack too.  It seems near impossible to figure out which guys have J.R.S. and which one’s don’t.  Sure, we speculate but you’ll never know until it’s too late.

Guys – if this is you, we advise you to stop.  Slow down.  Take your time.  There is no need to rush unless your in a public washroom or something.  If this is more than a one night stand she may give you a second chance.  Maybe even a third.  But if you keep up those drilling skills, you’ll soon realize you lying there alone.  If this is a girlfriend and you only pull out the J.R.S. sometimes that’s fine.  Everyone has different needs – but as a first impression…….. leave that shit for your nudey mags.

Girls – if this HAPPENS to you… I’m sorry.  I know it sucks.  You have a few options.  You can either tell him (or direct him with body language) to slow it down.  Or, you can endure it and hope for a different outcome next time.  You decide.

Well, happy hunting.  Hopefully it’s not “wabbit season”.

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