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We have all heard of the old rule and standard that states that the third date is most likely the date when Sex will take place. There are those times unfortunately, that despite the good and valiant effort of three fine dates, that we may have to accept the fact that no hot sex is indeed coming our way, but rather we have reached the end of our dating endeavor with no prospect of nakedness in sight.

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Certainly none of us wants to be locked away for acting like a lunatic, but when it comes to all of the various and sundry available Xxx dating sites on the world wide web, we may indeed want to get just a little crazy with ourselves.

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LifestylesIf you are looking to get into the Adult dating scene then consider the lifestyles of many of the members first. The Adult dating lifestyles often have people that are married or involved with each other and are swingers. These are people that are basically in a relationship but have given each other permission to seek cock and pussy with other partners. If you aren’t interested in having sex with someone’s partner then you might want to consider finding a different scene. A lot of the times these people will actively avoid single men because they want to swap. That is they want to find a fuck buddy for each other as opposed to just one person. It could also be that they are into bondage and tying up and things like that. If that is not the match you want then you are encouraged to look elsewhere and not waste your time.

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Sex onlineIt seems hard to fathom a time when the internet did not play a huge role in our lives, yet it was not so terribly long ago when we all still wrote letters, did our banking in person and found sex the old fashioned way: in bars, at college or at other public venues. We had to rely on our wits and our own charm to get into people’s pants, even in a most rudimentary way. When it came to XXX dates, though, things were even harder to come by. You truly had to just wish for good luck that you would wind up with someone whose sexual yearnings lived up to your own. Thankfully those days are long gone! Nowadays, finding XXX dates is as easy as turning on your home computer and letting your fingers wander! Read the rest of this entry »

Is there anything hotter than a Catholic kilt and slightly damp white cotton panties? Who doesn’t like a good challenge? It’s the new year and if you’re bored of the standard adult friends that will hook up faster than your tongue can knot a maraschino cherry’s stem, get online and get yourself some hot Christian sex.

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It’s holiday time and if you’re like me, you don’t give a flying f**k. That being said, one of the best parts of the holidays if you’re single is hooking up with old ex’s that are single as well. The problem is sometimes after a good holiday boning, they might end up thinking that you want to get back together. Here are a few expert tips on how to have quality hate sex with your ex adult friend this festive season.

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Tube socks are cheap, comfortable and a big huge no no when it comes to trying to get a XXX time from any woman not from a birch covered cabin in the mountains.

Why are tube socks such a bad idea? That’s what I’ll be talking about today. Yeah, it’s a sad thing to have to face facts and give up a beautiful friendship with a crusty bff, but unless you want to get the same amount of tail as an awkward teenager for the rest of your life, you might want to give this article a read.

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Nerds have a reputation for being weak, annoying and perpetually single. They’re complex creatures, the runts of the litter, these squirmy weaklings often change into hard bodied hotties in their adult years.

Even if they never shed their glasses or snorts, they are usually surprisingly good lovers.

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If you’re coming up to an anniversary with an adult friend, husband, boyfriend or hell, even that vibrating plastic pony named Horny Corn, you’d better make plans for some spectacular sex. If you want another anniversary to celebrate, you’ll be wise to choose at least one of these ideas.

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Chocolate is the taste of happy feelings and comforting fullness. The flavor of cum is associated with a sore neck and a gag worthy gulp. If you want an adult friend to give you oral sex and swallow your wax dart of love, you’ve got to give your body a hand with making it a bit more palatable.

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